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Question Light over sink


I am remodeling my kitchen (still..) and have to make some decisions about lighting. I told the electrician I wanted to add lighting over the sink, so he cut away the drywall and put up a box with wires in the ceiling.

(Poor communication.. I should have known better!)

I patched that hole.. then went shopping for lights.

I learned that the box he put up is for a ceiling mounted light, but I think I want recessed lighting. (Ooops.) I know it can be fixed.. but not sure how much more work it'll create.

I am just wondering, do most people use recessed lighting over the sink, or is ceiling mounted lighting as common?

Also, the kitchen isn't very big and I am taking out the ceiling fan (because it's ugly, we never use it, and they seem to just collect dust.) Any suggestions on what to consider when choosing a replacement light?

Thanks for any help..
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You should be able to put a recessed light over the sink providing you have enough vertical and horizontal space, although it looks like you wasted time patching the hole:>) For a kitchen light how about track lighting or a circular flourescent? For the recessed light make sure you get one for old construction and if you have insulation in the ceiling get the one suited for direct contact with insulation.
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You can't simply patch over a box that contains wires. The wires must be connected to something at the other end, and are therefor live. The box can be removed, and the wires connected to a recessed light that contains it's own junction box, or a light can be mounted to the junction box, or the junction box can have a plastic cover over it.

The other alternative is to disconnect the wires at the other end, removing them from the box they are in.

You cannot have live wires that terminate in a junction box that is hidden behind drywall or otherwise not accessible.
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I should've been more complete in describing what I did. I didn't patch over the box.. (that WOULD be dumb!) I patched around it. The electrician cut a 14" square hole in the drywall and attached the box to the joists in the ceiling... and another small hole in the ceiling where he grabbed the wires from the wall. I had to patch those holes... (and did a mighty fine job, if I do say so myself.) But the box is ready for wiring, not covered up..

I went out and bought a recessed can for a remodel. I'm just worried that when I try cutting into the patch it might break, crumble, or fall down. I learned that so far, I hate working on the ceiling more than anything else.. and I'd sure hate to cut a hole and have the can not fit.. (I have a steep pitched roof...)

Too bad I didn't realize I had the wrong electrical box sooner! I could leave it as is.. but I don't think it will look right.

Do most people go with recessed lights over the sink in newer homes and when remodeling, or are ceiling mounted lights common?

I ended up buying a new ceiling fan/light for the main light, BTW..
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I have a recessed light over my sink and I have a cathedral ceiling. I have an "eyeball" trim so the light can be adjusted to shine down instead of out at an angle.
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Consider a pendant light

Another option that you may want to consider is a pendant light. This fixture can mount to the box you have in the ceiling and hang down over the sink. There are a wide variety of options for this type of fixture.

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