Converting light into outlet...


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Question Converting light into outlet...

I want to turn a light in my cold room into an outlet so that i can plug my freezer into it. The cold room has cement walls and the wires for the light run through the door jam. The light doesn't have a separate switch, there is a pull string to turn it on and off. I am willing to sacrifice the light for the outlet if i have to, (I can always plug a lamp into the new outlet!)

Is there anyway I can make this conversion?

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I have seen this done using a converter outlet with a light bulb type base. That doesn't mean that it's safe, or even a good idea. If the circuit to your light is heavy enough, (preferably 12-2 with ground), and there's nothing else on the circuit, you'd probably be okay replacing the light fixture with a duplex outlet. Otherwise you run the risk of overloading the circuit, and tripping the breaker (or blowing a fuse). This could easily cost you the contents of your freezer, as such things usually happen when you're gone. This should really be on a dedicated circuit, for that reason. Don't skimp on this, have another circuit ran if necessary, for both safety and peace of mind....
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As HD says, it is fairly trivial to take down the light fixture and install a duplex receptacle. It might even work okay.

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