Need help finding bathroom switch--HELP!!!


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Talking Need help finding bathroom switch--HELP!!!

Hi, everyone! I just bought a condo built in the 60's and never updated. It has 2 bathrooms, both have a combination ceiling unit that has a coil heater, blower/fan, and light. It looks something like you see in some hotels. The switches are push-button. There is a light on push, and next to it, there is a light off button you push. Then, there is fan on, a heater on, and a fan/heater off button. The problem is, I cannot find a replcement anywhere, and certianly not at the local Home Depot. A couple different places have told me that is must be custom, and they dont know who might have made it.

So Q#1 is: does this sound like a switch anyone has dealt with, and if so, any ideas where I can geet replcements?

Q#2 is, if you never had a situation like this, anyy idea where I can get a couple of custom switches made? thanks!
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I did a quick search on the internet and found this site among others. They don't appear to be cheap, but at least they are available if you don't want to convert to regular switches.

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