Tripping circuit


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Tripping circuit

The circuit in my sewing room keeps tripping and has to be reset quite often, especially when I have my iron on. I could have the radio, a lamp and the sewing machine going, but this won't trip the breaker.

I've pulled out the square D breaker and all the connections seem ok, but it continues to trip.

Should I be looking into replacing the breaker or is there something I'm missing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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No don't replace the breaker. This is just a simple overload. An iron uses a lot of power. Find a receptacle on another circuit into which to plug your iron.
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The radio, lamp and sewing machine use very little power. The iron, on the other hand, uses quite a bit of power. There may or may not also be some other loads that are on the same circuit.

As John said, use another circuit for the iron.
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There are 3 receptacles in the room and unfortunately they are all on the circuit breaker.

Even when I turn everything else off, the iron keeps tripping the breaker. The funny thing is, this only occurs when I'm using a regular domestic iron, and not when I'm using my commercial iron.

I'm considering bringing in an electrician to install a designated outlet/circuit breaker for the iron and industrial sewing machine.

Thanks for your help.
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Most likely there are things in other rooms also on this breaker. Have you checked?
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Well I'm redoing the insulation in the sewing room which was literally one very thin sheet of insulation, I think more cotton could be found on a Q-tip, and I found an out that was still connected to electrical box.

I've tested that outlet and it too was connected to the tripping breaker. So now I have 5 outlets all connected to one breaker and I have seen that wires from another room are split with one of the outlets.

I still haven't figured out what exactly is connected in the other rooms.
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How many amps are supposed to be on this circuit? In other words what's written on the breaker?

So far you've said you've been able to trace 5 outlets for this circuit. Are there more? I doubt this iron is overloading the circuit unless you have other things on this circuit drawing power at the same time. You can put as many outlets on a circuit as you want - just don't try to draw more amps than the breaker allows or it will trip. If there's nothing else on any outlets on this circuit, but your iron trips the breaker I'd look at two things: 1.) Is there a short in your iron. 2.) Do you have a fundamental problem with this circuit.

If other irons work then I'd suspect there's something wrong with that iron of yours...
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Before you replace the breaker check and be sure that the screw securing the hot wire is tight. I've seen loose connections there generate heat that will cause the breaker to trip from time to time. It could be that you have an overload, but its hard to tell without more information.

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