Outlet pulled from well pump line?


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Question Outlet pulled from well pump line?

I am converting an old camper trailer into a chicken coop and need limited electricity in there for heat lamp.

The main power comes onto the property with two breakers - the main 200 amp service going into the house with a main power panel (30 feet to the west) and one 30 amp breaker going to the well (40 feet to the east). The chicken coop is about 10 feet away from the well pump.

I want to put a GFCI outdoor outlet onto the well pump line but am not sure if this is okay.

The line is gray and looks like it's size 10 wire? It is in flexible conduit and goes into a small gray covered box with "Pumptrol" printed on it.

Pumptrol is the pressure switch... We have a huge pressure tank that usually maintains 80psi. The well is about 250 feet deep and was tested at 40gpm.

Inside the pumptrol switch are posts for four wires - two in and two out, with a ground post. The two out go to the well pump box. I tried tying into this box, but it is only hot when there is a call for the pump to be on. The pumptrol box has no knockouts and no room for extra wires.

My idea is to connect the incoming line into an outdoor box on the LOAD GFCI and then inside schedule 40 conduit connect from the LINE GFCI to the poles that are currently being used inside the pumptrol contraption.

Is this feasible, correct and safe to do? I assume I'd have to use #10 throughout. But can I use a 20amp GFCI? Will this compromise the well pump?

I have day old chickens arriving on Friday and will string an extension cord until I can get this solved, but don't want to do this for the next several weeks that they will require heat. (Especially since there are goats between the chickens and the closest available outdoor outlet!)
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The pump sounds like 240 volt, and it does not sound like you have a neutral. This means that you cannot use this setup to connect a 120 volt device of any sort. You would need to rewire.
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Yes, you are absolutely right. Took a look this morning and the pump is definitely 240. Totally missed that one, thank you!

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