IC Fixtures


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IC Fixtures

This may be a silly questions but, how hot does an IC rated fixture that is mounted in a wall actually get??

I bought a Halo brand light that's made to light a staircase. The light uses a max 25 watt bulb. After I put it in I installed the bulb and left it, working fine, for a few minutes. I came back and the box was pretty hot. Hot enough in fact that I couldn't touch it. Is this normal?? The light has a temerature limited switch, I assume for thermal protection and it has not gone off or flashed due to heat.

My concern is that after the wall is closed up this fixture will be pretty hot with little chance of dissapating heat. Would a florescent bulb help with lowering the temp??

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Yes, a flourescent light would be much cooler.
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ic doesn't regulate how much heat it generates. It only means that the unit is sealed so that air cannot leak from a heated area to an unheated area. This leaking air will have its water vapor condense in the unheated space usually soaking the insulation, ruining its insulating value.

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