2 speed motor-switch how?

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fishers bay
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Question 2 speed motor-switch how?

I am installing a 2 speed fan and switch.
How do I wire it ?
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Attic fan? Gable fan? Window fan? Whole-house fan? Bathroom fan? Range fan? Radon mitigation fan? Crawl space exhaust fan? Ceiling fan? Room fan? Evaporative cooler fan? Personal desk fan? Radiator fan? Furnace fan? Grateful Dead fan?
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John, I think you scared this one away...
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fishers bay
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Cool 2 speed motor-switch how ? More info now included

I'm not scared.....
The fan is a exhaust or barn fan.
I have power to the wall the fan is mounted on, about 4 ft. away.
I plan to put the switch at the above location...metel box...4 ft. away.
Then run 1/2" flex from metel box to fan.
The switch is a on1-off-on2.
on1 is LoadA2 and LoadB2.
off is LineA and LineB.
on2 is LoadA1 and LoadB1.

The motor has a high, and a low.
The high is marked : The low is marked:


Blank----5 5----Line2
Line1---- 2 2----Line1

Purple----4 4----Purple
yellow----1 1----Yellow
Line2-----3 3----Blank

My queestion is how do I tie this all together ?
Power at the box-the switch-the motor? Purple, Yellow, Line, Load ?

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You've scared us all away with insufficient information on an unfamiliar installation.

We've no clue of things like the ampacity of the sitch, the power rating of the fan, etc. Were the fan and switch bought together, sold to work together, or do you just have a random switch? What sort of voltage? Is this on a double pole breaker? What is your previous experience with wiring?

At best any instructions that we give you would be a shot in the dark.

For what its worth, it sounds like you have a double pole, double throw switch, and a motor that requires one of the supply leads connected to one terminal, and the other supply lead connected to one of two terminals, with the two terminals being used to select speed.

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If you give us the fan manufacturer, model#/serial# and switch type and manufacturer then we have some hope. Key thing here is, wire it wrong, and you will let the smoke out of the fan motor.... thats a bad thing......RL
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Connect the white wire to terminal 2. Connect the hot to the lineA on the switch. Connect the loadA to terminal 5 for low speed. Connect loadB to terminal 3 fro HI. Connect the purple and yellow wires to the terminals indicated 4,1.
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fishers bay
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Wink 2-speed

Thank You !!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
This Forum Is The Best !!!!!!!!!
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I would _strongly_ urge you to answer Rlfrazee's questions. My opinion is that joed's answer might get you fan working, but that the install would not be safe, since only one of the hot leads is witched. If the switch that you have seems to be a double pole, double throw switch, so you should be able to switch _both_ hot leads, with no power going to the fan.

Additionally, you have not provided any information that makes it clear that this switch is safe to use with this particular load. If you use a switch that cannot tolerate the inrush current of the motor that it is supplying, then the contact electrodes can corrode and cause poor connections, or the contacts can even _weld_ making it impossible to disconnect the load.

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fishers bay
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Thumbs up 2-speed motor

Thanks again for all the advice !
I consulted a local expert and resolved my question.
The motor is also able to be reversed....the yellow and purple.
Now its just basic line A---line B.......HI and LOW.
Next time I will provide all the details @ first posting.
P.S. The project is complete.
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