15 amp receptacles on 20 amp circuit?


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15 amp receptacles on 20 amp circuit?

I see most receptacles sold at home centers are the 15 amp/120 volt variety. And that's what I used when I replaced all my receptacles in my house. Now I found out some of those receptacles are on 20 amp circuits when I checked my service panel recently. Is this safe? I haven't had any problems. Should I go and replace all the receptacles on 20 amp circuits with 20 amp receptacles?
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It is perfectly safe and legal to put 15A receptacles on a 20A circuit (as long as there is more than one receptacle on the circuit, which is almost always the case). The only difference between a 15A and a 20A receptacle is that the 20A can accept either 20A or 15A plugs. Since almost nothing used in a residential setting has a 20A plug (except maybe some air conditioners), there is little reason to ever use a 20A receptacle.
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FYI, a duplex receptacle counts as two outlets on a circuit.
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You're in good company. 99% of all receptacles on residential 20-amp circuits are 15-amp receptacles.
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Maybe even 99.9%

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