Wiring a Pushmatic Breaker


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Wiring a Pushmatic Breaker

I am adding a 220/50A branch to an existing 200A Pushmatic box (2-100A feeds) and am seeking advice re: "surprises" that might pop up while wiring the new breaker.
Yes, I know I should replace the box with something new but the $$ just isn't avail at the moment.
Anyhow - I haven't even pulled the cover on the mains yet so I have NO idea what is there or what is required, other than the breaker which is currently on order.
It appears, from photos of the breaker, that there is no simple "snap it in" bus but instead requires a short? #6 jumper of sorts???
A pointer to a photo shoing the gory details would be a BIG help.

Bill Powell
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Pushmatic breakers attach to the busses with screws. You will need to turn off the main breaker to safely connect the new breaker. You will need to find a two spaces horrizontally acrossed from each other to accomodate the 220 breaker. Be very careful when screwing the breaker to the busses so that the screws do not cross thread (not easy to fix that). Good luck!
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Assuming the breaker doesn't come with screws... am I "screwed", literally and figuratively?
Are the screws a standard size, length and thread?

Guess I'll have to wait and see.

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Unless you buy the breaker at a yard sale or flea market it should definately come with screws.Just be careful NOT to attach the wires directly to the buss.Not to make you feel dumb but I have friend who actually did this.He was very frustrated,the breaker was off but he kept getting hit until I told him how he had miswired it.

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