Fishing pier subpanel


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Fishing pier subpanel

I bought a fishing camp on lake pontchatrain (brackish water) and it has a subpanel on the fishing pier. From a subpanel under the house, service wire (two large insulated black and one noninsulated aluminum) off 60a double breaker runs to the pier subpanel (300 feet). No seperate ground wire. This wire is running at head hieght under the house. At the pier, the ground and neutral is bonded. Is this up to code? There are four 20a lighting circuits. Four flourescent one 1000w and one 500w lights on two circuits and two unused. I do not like the exposed bare wire under the house or the fact of no ground except the neutral. Could I run 8-3w/ground uf to the sub on the pier. Two 30a breakers at the house and four 20a breakers in the pier subpanel. Non bonded ground and neutral on the pier. 10-3w/ ground might be easier to work with.
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Since there is not separate neutral and grounding wires in the feeder, it is correct to bond neutral and grounding at the pier.

As you point out, there are a number of ways to improve the safety of this installation. You're on the right track. The voltage drop with 8/3 is already pushing the limit, so don't use 10/3. You might even consider 6/3. 300 feet is a long ways.

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