Junction Box Install Behind Cupboard


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Junction Box Install Behind Cupboard

I need to install a microwave over my stove, to which Iím really looking forward (NOT!!). Doing so will require moving an existing outlet higher on the wall, approximately 12 inches, where we currently have cupboards. I presume this would be a rather simple task if there were no cupboard or drywall (like many of the do-it-yourself photos), but Iím rather ambivalent about installing a new junction box (post cupboard and drywall). I envision having to cut a rather large whole in the cupboard backing and drywall in order to install this new junction box. After all, how could I attach to the stud? Would you suggest I hire an electrician to minimize collateral damage.
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Use an "old work" box. Trace the outline of the box on the cupboard and cut a hole exactly the right size. Fishing the wires in should then be pretty easy since it's only a foot. Once you install the old-work box, it will look like it's been there forever and the look will be clean.

You refer to this as "moving" an outlet, but you will probably have to leave the old outlet there, for two reasons. One is that the new outlet will likely be too high off the counter surface to meet code for required counter outlets, and the other reason is that you need a permanently accessible box in which to splice the extension in anyway.

This almost certainly still creates a code violation by putting a built-in appliance on the small appliance circuit, and a possibly overload circuit. Have you considered just running a new dedicated circuit for your microwave? I would suggest you hire the electrician to do this.
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I would recommend a dedicated circuit just for the micro - wave - if not - you may start kicking breakers. Good Luck.

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