what is common


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what is common

what is common in elctrical wiring and how is it used?
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Whay do you ask? Have you seen it used in a certain way and want to know what it means?
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I have heard the neutral referred to as the "common" wire. It's function is to return the electricity to it's source.
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"Common" is not a precisely defined term in electrical work. However, most people understand that, informally, it usually refers to what most people call the "neutral" wire, or the "return" wire. Officially, it's called a "grounded" wire, but only an electrician could love that term--most people would be confused by that term, thinking we're talking about the "grounding" wire.

Street, if you give us the larger context of your question, we can help more.
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Another way in which the term 'common' is used in electrical wiring is for three way switches. One of the terminals will be called the common terminal, and the other two terminals will be called the 'traveller' terminals. The common terminal is _always_ connected to the switch blade, and the traveller terminals are selectively connected to the switch blade by the position of the switch.

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How could we have overlooked that? Thanks for pointing that out Jon.

As I say, context would be good.

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