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Breaker Types

I'm trying not to be a bother, but I was hoping for more info on using different circuit breaker types in my electrical panel so as to avoid calling the electrician and being charged. The breakers installed originally by the electrician are all 120 V Challenger breakers with the exception of one D brand breaker. Judging from the electrician's work and a store clerk's advice I later installed a T&O that looks identical and a GE breaker that fit but looks different. All say they are HACR type and all fit and make connections well as far as I can tell. It was advised here that I buy the type made for the box, but I don't think they sell Challengers in this small town and so was wondering if I could assume the D brand was interchangeable and if possibly there was a way to tell if the others are safe enough bets. Thanks again.
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First, get the make and model of the panel, then go to an electrical supply house (Not a HD or similar store) and ask them what breakers are listed to fit your panel. DO NOT modify or use other breakers in your panel, as this will invalidate it's UL listing, and possibly be a fire hazard.
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If this is a Challenger panel (you really didn't say what kind of panel you have), and if the breakers are SquareD (what you called a "D" breaker) Homeline breakers (but not SquareD QO breakers), then they are generally considered compatible. The Challenger panel also generally accepts most GE-Thick breakers. I don't know what a T&O is.

HACR doesn't help any.

Note that all of this information is informal. It is unlikely that you will find any breaker of one brand official listed for another brand of panel.

The devil is in the details. You need to know more than brand. You also need to know the product line within the brand.

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