Need Advice On Wiring a Subpanel


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Need Advice On Wiring a Subpanel

I am wiring a subpanel on my shed with 10-2 w/ground direct burial wiring going about 60 feet from the main service panel. I already ran my conduit into and out of the ground (although the run is direct burial between points) and I have three 20 amp breakers in the subpanel in the shed which will power lights and electrical outlets. Also installed a GFCI receptacle. I have two main lugs in the sub panel. I have one bus bar. My question is do I connect the hot to one of the lugs and the neutral and ground to the bus bar? Do I need to install another bus bar and have a dedicated bus bar for ground wiring and a dedicated bus for neutral wiring? I already had an unusued roll of 10-2 w/ground wiring which is why I used it. I should have used 10-3 now that I think about it but since I will only be running power tools and lighting and the distance isnt very far between panels I believe I can get away with the 10-2. Please advise. Thanks!
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Well, it's really unusual to use 10/2 for a subpanel feeder. 10/3 would have provided twice the power and half the voltage drop. But I understand why you did what you did.

You only have a 120-volt panel. So you can either just connect to one of the two main lugs and only use breakers on that leg of the power (every other slot as you go down the panel), or you can jumper one lug to the other. In any event, double-pole breakers are out of the question.

You need to purchase and install a grounding kit. They are only about five bucks. You must keep your neutral and grounding electrically isolated.

I hope you buried that feeder at least 24 inches deep. And don't forget the grounding rods.

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