Outside Wallplug

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Outside Wallplug

I would like to install a wall outlet on an outside weather exposed wall
my outside wall is 2X6 woodframe construction with stipple stucco outside
Ive located a stud to which I can mounte the box (would like to mount inside the wall)
I have the box,groundfault outlet and weather safe cover
Need to know how to install the box and what gauge wire to use

would like to have a workable plan befor opening the wall

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Do not concern yourself with locating a stud to attach the box to. Use an old work type box, which does not need to be attached to a stud. You still have to find the studs, and then place the box between the studs.

Your weather safe cover needs to be an in-use cover.
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Installing a flush-mount box on the exterior after construction is done is a real pain. Consider instead using a surface mount box.

If you are dead set on putting it inside the wall, then you will have to have access from the interior. This may mean removing sheetrock. Then you would get an airtight box (the kind with a flange around it that's covered in foam), cut a hole through the sheathing, stucco and lath to match the opening on the box. Then you wedge the box flange in between the stud and the sheathing (not always easy), and nail or screw (depending on the box) it to the stud. You will probably need a box extender to get out past the stucco too. Stucco is easy to damage during this whole process.

The wire you need to use depends on the circuit you are attaching the outlet to . If it is 15A, 14-2 will do. If it is 20A, you need 12-2.

You can install a 15A outlet on a 20A circuit, but you cannot attach a 20A outlet to a 15A circuit.

You mention a "weather-safe" cover, but just to be clear, code now requires a cover that is weather tight while "in-use." These usually have a big plastic bubble that coveres the plugs, and a rubber gasket where the cords enter the bubble. Home improvement stores still sell the old kinds too, but they're not leagal for new installations.
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Outside Wallplug

Thanx Guys for your help but this sounds like more of a problem then I had planed on
Opening both walls is abit to risky and to much work for an outlet that I might
use a few hours a day for 2 or 3 days of the year
Again thank you helped me a lot to decide

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