wrong outlet is hot


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wrong outlet is hot

I have a switch controlling a light and carried to a GFP outlet in a bathroom.
this outlet is always hot. this outlet is extended to the adoining garage, and the garage outlet is only hot when the bathroom light is on.
There is a red wire from the light wiring to the GFP. I am assuming this is always hot. How should I hook these up so that both outlets are always hot and not run by the switch?
Thank You
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You only gave us information about one of the wires involved. If you tell us the rest of the wires and how they are connected, our advice can be more precise.

The setup you have sounds very bizarre. Was the electrician drunk when he wired it? I'm not sure how sure you are about what goes from where to where or how you determined it. But in case you just guessed, be careful. It is risky to rely on guesses as if it was the truth.

If your analysis is correct, it appears that there must be both a switched wire and an unswitched wire running from the switch to the "GFP" (is that a GFCI?). So all you need to do is to change the connection to the garage to use the unswitched wire instead of the switched wire.
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More detail

Sorry for the sketchy information...
I have some walls down repairing some plumbing likely installed by a drunk plumber so the wiring is all easily accessible.
the switch controls the light and also is carried to the bathroom outlet
the wire at the bathroom outlet contains Red, White, Black, and Bare
this is carried to the garage outlet and to an uncapped, cut wire I'm assuming is for a vanity light that was never installed.
The Red goes to the bathroom outlet.
All the bare wires are connected and combined with a bare from the bathroom outlet
The black is combined with the blacks for the garage outlet and vanity light
the white is combined with the other whites, and a white from the bathroom outlet.
The wires to the garage outlet and the uncapped only have Black, White, and bare and these are only hot when the bathroom light switch is on.
The bathroom outlet is always hot, so I am assuming the red is the key, but I am not sure what to connect it to to make the garage outlet always on. I didnt want to connect the load terminals of the bathroom outlet because I dont want the garage outlet to go off if the bathroom outlet trips.
Thank You
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So the red wire is the unswitched wire and the black wire is the switched wire.

You could use a wire nut to connect the red incoming wire to the black wire to the garage, pigtailing to the line side of the GFCI. But since the garage receptacle should be GFCI protected (unless powering a freezer or refrigerator), you should really come off the load side of the GFCI with both the black and white going to the garage.

There are numerous code violations evident in your post. You may want to have a pro come in and fix them all at once. It does not sound to me from your post that you have much electrical experience.
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Thank you for your response. I am planning on hooking a freezer to the garage outlet, and no I do not have much electrical experience. I may have to bite the bullet and pay to have someone make sure thinks are a-ok. I was hoping it was going to be as easy as swapping a few wires, but it appears not to be the case.
Thanks again.
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Even if you can, you do not want to put a freezer or any significant load on this circuit. You will likely overload the circuit and trip the breaker. My advice is to run a new outlet to the garage for your freezer.

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