Adding outdoor lights


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Laura T
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Adding outdoor lights

I have one lighting fixture outside of the front door and I would like to add two more on either side of the garage (attached). My problem is that I have a brick home. Can I use an outdoor box added to the existing box to tap into that line and run EMT around the outside of the house at the roof line to surface mount the new lighting boxes or do I need to find a way to go through the attic? Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Laura T
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Hi Laura,

While I cannot answer your question directly. But I recently did almost the exact same upgrade to our house.

On either side of our garage door, we have stone siding. And I did not want to drill through this to get to the interior of the garage. What I did was attach a piece of 1"x6"x2' to the fascia. Then attached an outdoor light box (4" round) and ran the conduit up the board and used a 90* elbow to go through the board and into the garage. The conduit then ran up and into the attic where I tapped into the power in the garage. I installed a switch in the attic as well. The switch is in the attic because I did not want someone to accidentally turn the outside lights off.

I used lights that were "Dual-Bright" ( They turn on at dusk and off at dawn. They stay at a "dim" setting until motion is detected, then they go full bright. Very nice, and they involve no interaction with a switch.

Lessons learned: I would still mount the boards to the fascia, but I would most likely go straight up into the attic. Instead of going to the garage first. Although going into the attic allowed more room to work in the attic.

The board that I used were stained to closely match the color of the stone. You could do the same with a brick coloring. The boards were also painted white at the top to match the fascia. When I cut the boards I also gave the outside a slight curve to make them look more decorative. The overall look lets you see the lights, not the mounting method.

I have made a small drawing that might help.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if I have totally confused you.
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Laura T
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Thanks for all the good ideas. After reading your response I realized that I can run the conduit under the vinyl siding that covers the overhang. I will also have wood to anchor the EMT to instead of trying to drill into the brick. Thanks Again, Laura

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