gas range 120V to 220V ??? how do you do it?


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Question gas range 120V to 220V ??? how do you do it?

I have just remodeled my kitchen and bought a new slide in range by GE. The home had a gas range but with a curious little boy my wife and I know that FIRE won’t mix well. I thought I had a 220V power supply but it turns out that it’s a 120V(?) verified by a voltmeter. What can I do? Also on the circuit breaker box I have a breaker labeled “range” that does not control anything. The people that had the house before must have wired the current set up. The 120V outlet is on the same circuit as the microwave and an 110V outlet located next to the 120V supply. I’m dumbfounded, do you think that I may have a 220 line already for the range and a “patchwork” was done before??

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It sounds like there may have been an electric range there at one point that was replaced by the gas range you removed. You need to find out if this is the case and if the wiring is still there or if it has been removed.

What size id the breaker labeled range? Is it a 220 breaker? Is it labeled 40 or 50 (amps)? Is there a large (diameter) wire leaving the panel?

Look on the floor begind the range. Is there a large floor receptacle outlet that looks something like the plug on the end of the cord on the new range?

What are the electrical requirements for this new range?

If there is no 220 receptacle outlet with the appropriate size wire feeding it then you will need to add one. This is not a job for a novice, as it involves opening the panel and running a 220 line. Electricity can kill, and the what is located inside the panel can do so quickly.I

t's water over the dam now, but I'm not sure that an electric range is any safer than a gas range when it comes to curious children. Both can start a fire, and both can burn. And an electric range is easier to inadvertently leave turned on.
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This is what GE said about the ranges requirements ......... Jeff

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for contacting GE Appliances. I am happy to assist

The items that you say are working on the range require only
120 voltage to operate, however the surface units/bake/broil
all require 240 ot operates. When the situation you are desribing
occures, it indicates that the range is only getting 120 instead
of 240 voltage. First, check the breaker to the range to make
sure it is fully engaged or that both sides are working (if you
have two 120's poled together). Next, check the connections
where the power cord attaches to the range to ensure that the
cord is connected properly. Finally, check to make sure that
the power cord is fully inserted into the outlet.

Once that you have ruled out that the installation is correct
and complete, you are welcome to contact service so that they
can come out and examine the range. Please note that installation
issues are not covered under your warranty, so you will want
to rule that out prior to scheduling service.
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The response you got from GE is meaningless. It is a canned response based on whatever question you asked.

The electrical requirements for the range can be found in the documentation that came with the range, on-line, and probably listed on the back of the range.

Forgive me if this comes out condescending, but I think you are in over your head. I recommend that you hire an electrician to install a proper circuit for this new range.
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I plan on calling an Electrician out to the house... I don't like to mess with Electricity at all.... just wanted to know what my options were..... would I need a new wire pulled or can they use what availible ?

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You'll need new wire pulled.

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