Adding (Electrical) On A Porch

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Adding (Electrical) On A Porch

Hello Everyone.....seems to be alot of good people here in the forums as I have been doing some reading.
The question i have is that i am adding on a porch to the end of my house, i have a basic bungalow. I want to use the existing electrical in the house but all is too short. I have a stove on the end wall of the house and i was thinking of using the wire for the stove 220v to run a dryer out in the laundry room in the porch. Can i just pull the wire up to the attic space and put a junction box up there and exstend it into the porch. Also i would like to exstend my oustside GFI receptacle to the outside wall of the porch and it is to short too,so i am assumming i can use a junction box for that too. Also i want to exstend my other electrical to for lights and wall receptacles . Do i need to use seperate juction boxes or can i do it all in one. I dont know how maney wires can go in a junction box safely, and should i use a seperate junction for 220 and one for my 110 junctions.
Thanks Raycen
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Although theoretically possible, there are some code issues. The primary one is that since 1996, code requires one more wire for stove and dryer connections than was previously allowed. For existing installations, you are grandfathered in. But when making changes such as you suggest, you are required to upgrade to modern code. This would require new cable from the panel.

But why not do that anyway? With the project you suggest, it can't be much harder (since you're up in the attic anyway) to just run that new cable all the way back to the panel. That way you can leave the existing wire in place in case you or somebody else might need it someday for its original purpose.

Another issue is breaker size. You could not use the existing stove breaker for a dryer anyway. Stoves usually use 40-amp or 50-amp breakers, and you need a 30-amp breaker for the dryer.

So just run a new 10/3 cable from your panel to where you want the new dryer. If you are out of breaker spaces in the panel, you can remove the stove breaker and put the 30-amp dryer breaker in its place. This way, you'll have a nice, new, code-compliant, safe installation.
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Thanks for the reply John, My house is only five years old so it is all modern in reference to code...but that was my main concern safety. In reference to the breakers that is what i was going to do, just use the line and change the breaker for my dryer. The only problem i can see is that my home is a modular home, came in two pieces and access to the panel is easy from the basement but from up above in the attic it is to hard to get at. If i run a new cable on the ceiling of the basement in the T-bar ceiling can i exit through the sill plate at the other end of the house to gain access to my porch. Why i am asking is my porch is attached to the house and is built on Footin tubes and i am wondering is there any code issues in case the porch decides to move on me , which i hope it dont because these footin tubes are suppose to be the answer in our area.


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