Question About How to Locate Main Breaker


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Question About How to Locate Main Breaker

Hi there. I just bought a house. I'm been doing some minor electrical work (fixing an open neutral) and while at the service panel in the basement I noticed there isn't any main breaker. Every house I've owned had a main breaker at the panel that would shut off power to the whole house. Could it be located somewhere else? I saw a small panel located outside on my back porch and I'm not sure what it does, but I guess that could be it. If so, why would you locate the main breaker away from the panel? Or is it possible I don't have a main breaker?
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I'm not a pro, but I'll answer as I understand it until they come along:

Code allows your main disconnect to be up to 6 breakers (6 swipes of the hand, I believe) rather than requiring just one (I have 6).

Your best bet, methinks, would be to find your meter and see if your main disconnect is attached to it, or else follow the cable coming from the meter and find the first panel it comes to.
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It could be located at the meter. There should a main disconnect somewhere. Strat at the meter and follow the wires if you can't find it.

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