Sump Pump Circuit


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Sump Pump Circuit

I am re-wiring my basement. I currently have my sump pump on a dedicated 15 amp circuit, terminated in a standard duplex receptacle.

Should it be protected with a CFCI receptacle? I have read that it should NOT and even, that it should be a simplex receptacle.

I know it not a question of code, but what’s the “best practice” here?
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Best practice would ne no GFCI, simplex outlet.

You do not want your sump pump motor tripping a GFCI and then flooding your basement.

But the idea with the simplex receptacle is so that nobody plugs somethign else in there and causes a ground fault situation (plug in drill and drop in in the sump...). So the only thing that can be plugged in at that non-GFCI protected receptacle is the sump pump.

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