220Volt line for AMP


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220Volt line for AMP

I need a 220 volt outlet in a bedroom that is a pretty good ways from the house's main breaker box.

What are my options and what do I need to get the line in the back room??
This is for an amateur radio amplifier that requires 220v.

Va Bch, Va
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Knowing the voltage isn't enough. Unlike 120-volt circuits, 240-volt circuits are not general-purpose and must be designed for the specific load. So check the specifications of the equipment to find out what amp circuit it wants.

I assume you are asking about cable routing. If possible, cable is routed through attics, crawl spaces, or basements. At some point, it is usually necessary to fish it through finished walls. Depending on the circumstances, it may be as simple as drilling a hole in a top or bottom plate, or may be more complicated than that. There are a million tricks, one for every different situation.
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You need to run a cable from the main panel to the location for the outlet. Unless you have an unused 220 breaker in your panel (not likely), you will need to install a breaker in the panel. However, without knowing what the power requirements of this amplifier, we can't tell you much more.

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