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Unhappy electrical wall plugs in

having problem with 2 wall outlets in my back room they dont seem to work had replace them with 2 brand new out lets but every where else in the house they work can any one help me out thank you
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You probably didn't need to replace the receptacles, but only remake the connections. So we'll presume the two you replaced now have good connections since you just made them. So now remake the connections (or replace the receptacles) on the nearest other receptacles on the same circuit (even though they currently still work). Some nearby receptacle is feeding these two dead ones, and the feed may have a bad connection.

Use the screws, not the poke-in hole in the back.

If you want to, spend $8 on a plug-in outlet tester. That will tell you whether it is a black wire or a white wire with a bad connection.

For some other people (not you of course), the answer could be as simple as turning on a wall switch which controls power to these dead receptacles.
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Or it could be that hidden GFCI.

"Let's watch as Jim attempts to track the ever-elusive ground fault circuit interrupter. He has searched high and low, but this evasive creature has outsmarted him at every turn. Could it be in the garage? Might he happen upon it lurking behind a pile of boxes in the basement? If he stumbles upon one, what will he do?

To find out, tune in to the next episode. I'm Marlin Perkins, and this is Mutual of Omaha's Wild (Electrical) Kingdom."

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