220 volts coming out of a 110 line


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220 volts coming out of a 110 line

Hello everyone,

Im am trying to get some answers for my friend who has replaced the breaker box in an older house and is now tring to run some lines off of it. He has run into an issue, all the lines seem to be putting out 220 volts instead of 110. i am hoping you might have some ideas on what went wrong.

thank you in advance

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Wow. This is scary as hell. Sorry for being blunt, but if your friend can't figure this simple problem out, I think most people would agree with me that he has no business replacing a breaker box.

A panel is wired with three wires, two hots and a neutral. Between the two hots is 240 volts, and between each hot and the neutral is 120 volts. It sounds like he connected one of the hot wires where the neutral belongs.

Remember that everything that works isn't safe. If he fiddles around with this until it works, then he probably only has a hundred safety hazards remaining.
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Be a friend and tell him to call a licensed electrician right away.
Some one may get hurt.

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