How "accessable" must j-boxes be?


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How "accessable" must j-boxes be?

Getting closer to starting my project to finnish the attic (3rd floor). One question before I go and buy a bunch of wire that I might not need. Currently, there are 9 junction boxes in the floor joists of the attic used to service the second floor. The attic is a half story with low rafters so only finishing the center portion will be practical. Here's the question:

All of the junction boxes exist in the outside perimeter that will not be finished. I plan on building in several access doors to use this outside area for a crawlspace. Would such access be enough for the j-boxes? Thanks!

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Yes, the access doors are acceptable.
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I believe the NEC uses the term "Readily Accessible". So I would say yes.
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Different sections of the code require either "readily accessible" or "accessible". They have different definitions. I think junction boxes need only meet the lower standard of "accessible".

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