Moving Electric for Gas Range


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Moving Electric for Gas Range

We purchased a new gas Jennair range that requies a 220 50amp circuit. I checked the connection at the fuse box - the main box of 2 -- for the existing range and it is 30 amp.

I only note the 2 hot (black) wires extending from the 30 amp breakers with no grounds. Since the box is outside and enter the house through hidden walls as well as the fact that the range is moving 8 feet, I am assuming that 1) it would be easier to run a new wire and come down through the attic and 2) that the existing wiring may not be current to code.

We have no additional room in the box so I plan on pulling the 30amp fuses and replacing with the 50amp. Does this sound reasonable?

I have seen mentioned before to get the same type/manufacuturer when purchasing new fuses but the existing ones have no labels. Any recommendations on how to pick the right one?

I have run new 110 lines to a fusebox before so know to be methodical and safe. However, I am willing to run the wiring to both ends and then call an electrician...
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You use both the terms "fuse" and "breaker". Which do you have?

The existing wiring is almost certainly not usable for this new range, so pulling new wire (three insulated conductors plus ground) will be a must. Removing the 30 amp breaker (fuses?) and replacing with the 50-amp equivalent is okay (after you replace the wire). Take your old breaker (fuse?) to the store with you when you shop for a new one (but since you said you will be having an electrician make the final connections, he'll take care of this for you).
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Ooops..I was using fuse when I meant breaker. Thanks for the quick response John. I appreicate it!!!

I wanted to be sure that running new line is the right thing to do before spending time in the 125 degree attic :}

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