240v48amp hook up


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Question 240v48amp hook up


I have an electric kiln that I am trying to hook up. I have run the thickest wire in the world from the fuse box to the location for the kiln some 35 feet away. After pulling the cable through an looking at how I was to hook it up the following occurred. I noticed that I had a plug coming from the kiln that required one ground, one hot and one return wire. If I hook the wires to the breaker box I end up with 1 ground (green) 1 return (white) 2 hot (one Black and one Red coming from the 50 amp breaker. How can I give the kiln the juice that it needs and still have the right wiring to the outlet on the wall.

Thanks Ed
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The kiln is 240 volt. It doesn't need the white wire. Cap it off and leave it in the receptacle box.
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thickest wire in the world
Normally we deal with wire gauges, but I don't see how anybody can argue with the thickest wire in the world! It probably would have been cheaper and easier to run if you had not run more conductors than you required.
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Hey Joe,

I thought that leaving the white wire out was the solution too, but then I get no power to the plug at the other end after going through a smaller breaker box next to the kiln. I have a breaker box where I have but the black wire as the load wire and the red as the line. then I have the load going to the 240 prong and the line going to the smaller prong. What am I doing wrong?

Measure across the breaker. What voltage do you get? If it is zero the breaker is installed incorrect or is the wrong breaker. You can not use a twin breaker for 240v. It will only attach to one bus. You must use a full double breaker.
In some panels it is possilbe to install the proper double breaker so that it is only on one bus. In this case you need to move the breaker up or down one slot position.

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