Aluminum wiring info


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Aluminum wiring info


I've just moved into a bachelor apt and even though I have 100 amp service, all 4 outlets in the main room are on one 15 amp fuse. This just won't work for me, so I wanted to replace the bathroom light switch with a combination switch/receptacle (Leviton part # 5625). This circuit has it's own 15 amp fuse, so I could run an extension cord into the living room to lighten the load. The problem is that when I removed the cover I discovered that I have aluminum wiring (I was told that the building was copper).

I called Leviton, but they don't make combination devices for aluminum wiring. I was wondering if there are any other manufacturers that might make a device like this. If not, is there anybody here that might know of an electrician in Toronto, Canada that installs AMP's "copalum" connectors so that I could pigtail the switch in. I've seen and heard bad things about the marrettes that supposedly allow you to connect aluminum to copper, so I'd prefer not to use those.

Any ideas are appreciated.
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Your proposal violates more than a dozen electrical codes, and there's a pretty good chance it wouldn't even work anyway. I suggest instead that you talk with your landlord about adding another circuit for the main room.
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Okay thanks for the input John. Obviously I'm not an electrician, so I'm curious why this is such a violation. Incidentally, the switch is located OUTSIDE the bathroom. I would have just plugged a powerbar into it for my computer and TV.

All the walls are concrete, so running a new line is not really feasible. The landlord actually agreed with my idea, but I think I'd have to pay for it.

Thanks again.

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