Pool Filter wiring question


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Pool Filter wiring question

I have a outdoor outlet that I plug my pool filter into...I would like to find out how to change or wire it so I could put a box with a on/off switch lever so I dont have to pull the plug in and out..?
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I think you should check code there for what you want to do. Make sure its right . You dont want to mess around with the electric going to a swimming pool for sure.
Im moveing you over to electric here. Some of the other guys and gals can put there thinking in here.

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Best bet would be to put a switch back at the house, where the cable to the outdoor outlets originates. Do you know where the cable to the outdoor outlet originates?
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Post Swimmg pool wiring

If your filter pump is like mine, you have to turn it off to change the setting from filtering to backflush etc. So, place a post near your filter. You'll need a waterproof outlet box and a waterproof switch.

Your wiring needs to go to a GFCI. This protects anyone from getting injured if water should come in contact with the wiring

The switch should turn the pump on and off. The outlet is to plug in the (too short) plug from the pump. This is not where you want the GFCI as it would still leave you with hot wires at that location even if the GFCI kicked off.

If the circuit will support it, you can tie the GFCI into an existing circuit, or put this on its own breaker. In my case, I ran a line to my Barn, and then created an outlet for the GFCI. The GFCI can trip and not shut down my Barn lights.

Your pump manual should help determine if you need a 15amp or higher GFCI.

The GFCI I used is a duplex outlet. The hot wires come into the top and additional outlets can be extended in addition to the lines that go to your pool switch/pump outlet. All of these are on the GFCI.

I hope this makes sense.

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