How do you install multiple transformers?


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How do you install multiple transformers?

We are installing a home entertainment center on one wall of the living room and have 3 separate 12v lighting segments which are each on a 12 v transformer that shares one hot wire to a single 15amp breaker. All was fine when they were wired to standard switches. We have now installed dimmers on each segment and it is now tripping the breaker. We isolated the first switch and it works fine. As soon as you add in the second transformer it trips the breaker even with the dimmer disconnected.

It is wired like this....

----------neutral ------T1 ----------T2 ------------T3

----------Black -------T1 -----------T2 ------------T3
| | |
| | |
Dimmer Dimmer Dimmer

Thank you.
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Your daiagram is confusing, and your description isn't much better.

However, I can tell you this. Do not use a dimmer to feed a regular receptacle outlet. Also, do not use a dimmer to feed a transformer.
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According to your diagram (I think) it looks like you have the transformers fed, and then they are connected to the dimmers, then the lights. I'm guessing your Dimmers aren't rated for 12 V. I guess you could try feeding the transformers from the dimmer switches output, although I'm not certain that will work either.
If I were trying to do this, I would call the manufacturer of the 12 V lighting, and ask them what they recommend for dimming their lights.

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