3 switch with 1 power


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3 switch with 1 power

I am struggling to wire a 3-switch with one power. What is the proper way to wire the 3 switches. These switches provide light above the bathroom sink, power to the exhaust fan, and a light in the shower. I have nutted the black. I have also ran the white from each light and exhaust fan into the switches. I have nutted the power white and provided piggyback wires to the switches. I am struggling with the ground wires. Can someone provide some advice?
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The white wires (neutrals) do not connect to the switches at all. Only the black (hot) wires connect to the switches. Your aim is to switch the hot wire.

Take all four white wires and connect them together with a wire nut.

CXonnect the black power wire (from the source) to one side of all three switches. Do this with a wire nut and three pigtails. Connect the three black wire to the light, fan and light to the other connection on each switch (one per switch).

Connect the ground wires together and to each switch. Also connect the ground wires to the box, if it is metal.
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Sorry I confused the white and black wires when I typed the message. How do you wire the grounds together and to the switches? Don't I need to nut the switch grounds with the power ground (4 wires) and then piggyback to the switches (3 more wires) for a total of 7 wires from a nut? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Use a wire nut to connect all the grounding wires to each other, with one pigtail for each device. You might need a really big wire nut. If there are too many wires, sometimes you need two wire nuts with a jumper between them.

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