Splicing romex in the wall w/o a box?


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Splicing romex in the wall w/o a box?

I just went all through my "Readers Digest Home Repair" book and saw nothing on extending romex when moving an outlet over a couple of feet (so it will not be in the new closet). Do I need to pull all new line or can I splice in the wall with wirenuts and tape?___ Is a BOX needed at the splice in the wall? ____

Thanks in advance.....
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All connections must be permanently accissible. You cannot splice in the wall with anything.

One of the following:

Leave the recepticle outlet in the new closet and do nothing else.

Pull a new line for a new recepticle outlet, replacing and removing the old recepticle outlet.

Add a new recepticle outlet, leaving the existiong recepticle outlet in place, but adding a wire from it to the new outlet.

Add a new recepticle outlet, running a wire from the existing junction box, removing the existing recepticle, leaving the box in place, and installing a blank cover.

Note that if there are multiple wires in the box that it becomes difficult to remove the existing box, as all wiring has to be rerun.
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Unless there is a strong reason why the existing receptacle must be removed, I strongly recommend you think of this project as adding a receptacle rather than moving a receptacle.
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Exactly. The short answer is you shouldn't do what you're thinking of doing, unless you want to be going against the electrical code, and potentially setting yourself up for a fire hazard if those connections ever short out.

Simplest thing to do is use the old box you're planning on taking the outlet out of as a junction box for your connection to your new outlet. Run your new wire from this old box to your new one, and then connect the wires using wire nuts appropriate for your wire guage inside the old box. Then put a blank cover on it so it can be accessable later if necessary, and wire your new outlet in your new box. Done.

You can't cover the old box with drywall and forget about it. It has to be accessable.
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