Plug Fuses


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Plug Fuses

My husband removed a couple of the old glass plug fuses and now we are not sure what amp goes where.
In the fuse box we have 4- 30 amps and 2 -15 amps.
Is there some way to tell which goes where? I am worried that if I put a 30 amp in a 15 amp place what will happen?
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You are right to be worried. You don't want to make a mistake.

Are the locations labeled? A thirty amp fuse implies a heavy load, such as an electric water heater, an electric dryer, electric heat or other large load, perhaps even a subpanel. The 15 amp fuses would be for traditional loads such as regular recepticle outlets and lights. The fact that there are two 30 amp fuses fits with this, as these are all usually 220 volt circuits.

If the locations are not labelled, then you will have to go by the wire size. 15 amp fuses are used to protect 14 gauge wire. 30 amp fuses are used to protect 10 gauge wire. 10 gauge wire has a larger diameter than 14 gauge wire (the smaller the gauge the larger the diamater of the wire).

If all the wires are the same size and/or all, the circuits are regular circuits (recepticle outlets and lights) then we have a real problem that needs to be addressed NOW.

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