junction box ?


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junction box ?

In one of the rooms in the house there was a ceiling fan installed. Over time it has become "loose". It would shake and make noise. I am nervous that it would fall. We removed part of the fan cover to make sure it was tight inside the ceiling and the junction box. The junction box itself is loose. One of the screws that holds the fan into the junction box pulls right out with enough force - no need for a screw driver. We took down the fan and attempted to screw the junction box in tighter. There are no screws - it appears it was nailed in. (is that normal?) It is an older round junction box that is brown and made of material that when a peice broke off it looks like particle board.

Now the box won't hold the fan - the screw is stripped and with the box loose and the screw stripped - i am not sure i want to hang a replacement light for fear it too might fall down. I would really like to get the ceiling fan back up.

How do i remove a junction box that has been nailed in?
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Your description suggests a plastic outlet-box nailed to a ceiling-joist, which should be replaced if you want to re-hang the C-F.

If you'r lucky, there is only one 2-wire cable at the O-B. Resign yourself to marring the ceiling finish. Try prying the box loose from the joist, and then remove the box off the cable.

Possibly you can firmly fasten a 4" sq. "1900" box to the joist with 2 screws and 2 1-1/4" diameter, 1/4" "fender" washers. You remove 2 of the 3 KO's in the side of the box, and thread the 2 screws, each with a fender-washer, thru the center of the K-O's into the side of the joist so that the washers "crunch" the side of the box against the joist.This procedure may keep the ceiling damage to a minimum area around the box

You set a "ring-cover" on the box, patch around the ring-cover, and re-hang the fan.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!

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