Service raised to 10'

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Service raised to 10'

I have a service wire from the house tho the garage that needs to be raised all of about a foot to be at ten feet and meet code. Currently it is wired together outside of the conduit of the house. I'd like to obtain the permit and do this myself so I was looking suggestions for what could be done. My main question is the acceptibilty of the wire not being one run. The conduit exits the NW corner of the house and the main is in the basement on the SW corner of the house so runing a new wire will be an entirely different project if thats what needs to be done. Also the current wire is 10/3 with ground going into a 50a main in the garage but its capped and wired at 110 (no idea what's in the house, have not closed). I want to convert to 220 in the garage. Can I just extend the conduit and wire in a longer piece from just where the wire exits the house to the garage without having to redo it into one complete run? If so how would I cover the connection where it's wired together?

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If you need to raise a foot, I would find a 12 foot 2x4 and prop up the center of the wire.... ...ok not really...that won't do anything but pi$$ off the inspector.


If you haven't closed on the house yet, tell the seller that this code violation will have to be remedied before closing. I would think an unresolved electrical code violation would be a legitimate reason to cancel your contract on the purchase. That said, if your getting such a heck of a deal that you don't mind fixing this yourself, I would say a longer(taller) stand would do the trick. If the connections are outside the conduit now, it shouldn't be a problem to follow suit with a taller conduit up the house. The POCO's connections are all outside the weatherhead as (I think) you're describing. Connect properly and securely and tape the shhhnot out of em.

OOORRRRR....dig in a conduit and pull the wire underground. When they come back and the drop is gone, just tell em you said heck with it and took the power out of the garage ...kidding of course..check local code for depth and type of conduit. Just another alternative.
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When I say the weather head, it's basically a 90 elbow at the top of the conduit right? Still unclear on what can be done here. I think the conduit on the house is long enough already, and the wire does only need to be raise a foot. I'm going to extend the conduit at the garage and run a new wire spliced in where it exits the top of the conduit at the house, which should raise it to 10', but is there a need to have the splice in some sort of box?

Talked to a guy locally that said with a 200A service drop there will be a panel on the outside of the house and to just relocate the breaker for the garage into that and bury it back to the garage at at least 18'' deep. Thing is, maybe in time i will do this but would prefer to just raise it to 10 feet.

Thanks for the advise!

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