dryer 4 prong cord to a 2 prong cord


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kenmore dryer 4 prong cord

Can you change the 4 prong dryer cord to a three prong? Is there an
adapter for this?

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Is this twist-lock?
What does your nomenclature plate say is the operating power?
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What you must do is replace the cord. The directions that came with the dryer will tell you how to do this. You can buy the replacement cord at most home centers and at some applicance stores.

Make sure that you follow the directions completely. It is not as simple as replacing the cord. If you don't follow all the steps then your installation won;t be safe and/or your dryer won;t run properly.
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Bob is correct. You must change the dryer to match the house, not vice versa.
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You did not mention a dryer receptacle-outlet which connects to a Branch-Circuit cable.

You should consider modifying the cord-plug ONLY if the B-C cable does not include an Equiptment Grounding Conductor,and this is permitted ONLY if the cable is "existing".

The metal frame of the dryer is required to be Grounded. The "4th-prong" on the cord-plug connects to a Green Grounding wire in the cord which is "bonded" to the metal frame at a connection-point inside the dryer.

If you eliminate the 4th-prong you will have to Ground the metal frame by a connection to the Neutral (White wire) at some point in the circuit.

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