Tripped breaker alarm


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Tripped breaker alarm

What's the best way to install an alarm that will tell me when a breaker trips?
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What would you like the alarm to do when triggered? Make noise? Light a light? Make a phone call?

What loads does the circuit serve? Is it a 120-volt circuit or a 240-volt circuit?
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I would like a light and/or an alarm. It's a 50a 240 circuit for an outdoor spa. I live in a rural area that has power outages during storms. Right now, no big deal, but as the weather gets colder, I am worried about freezing if the power goes out.
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I should be more clear in my responses: the breaker for the spa tends to trip during storms. I am not sure why, but it has happened a couple of times. Our lights tend to flicker during storms, and I am guessing that is why the GFCI breaker is tripping. But perhaps it is something else? At any rate, I am concerned about freezing in the winter, so I want to know if the power goes out to my spa.
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If power off is your concern, you can use a relay with a 240v coil and a set of contacts that are open when the relay is energized. When power is lost, the contacts close. You can then tap those contacts into anything from a low voltage bell to the inputs of a security system. (you could also do it the other way around so that something opens when power is lost).

That's my preference because it means that the 240V is isolated from your signal system.
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Both good ideas. I have considered the thermometer idea but wanted something that would warn about the electricity rather than just the freezing so that it would have year round benefit. The coil option looks good. Is there a diagram for something like that? Are there any code issues to be concerned with?

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