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Question Gfci

Our home inspection stated "our bathroom light appears to be connected to GFCI switch. Light needs to be on seperate circuit." Does this need to be corrected if the house was built that way? Our house was built in 1988.
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Separate 20 amp circuit [210-52d] [4402]

I don't believe the NEC article requiring a separate 20amp circuit to a bathroom came about until 1992... so a 1988 home would be grandfathered.

GFCI protecting the light is not typical... however its NOT unsafe either.

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Originally Posted by diydon

GFCI protecting the light is not typical... however its NOT unsafe either.
There is an unsafe element to having the lights on the same circuit as the GFI-receptacle. Specifically, if it's nighttime and you trip the GFI, your lights go out.

In an addition we put on our house, I wired all the bathroom (and spa) lights on a GFI circuit. That circuit is, however, separate from the 20-amp receptacle circuit required by the sink or the GFI circuit required by the SPA. Yeah - if there is a trip on that circuit, all the lights in the bathroom go out.

dvera - you may not have any basis for force the sellers of your house to change the lights to a non-GFCI circuit. If you really want to be sure, ask the AHJ in the area (building inspector) if they have an old code books and/or know exactly when the requirement for a separate receptacle circuit was adopted in your area. If it wasn't adopted until after the house was built, changing the circuit would likely be at your cost. Personally, it's not something I worrry about much unless you redo the bathroom and don't mind opening up the walls to rewire.

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