50% breakers working in panel


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Exclamation 50% breakers working in panel

8 months ago I replaced my 100 amp old style panel with a new Square D breaker panel. All of a sudden, half of the breakers (every second breaker)no longer work (no recent electrical work performed). I have moved the breakers within the panel and the actual breakers work. So it must be the actual panel, either whre the panel link into the panel or the power that is getting to the links to half of the , I think. Does anyone have any suggestions to what the problem might be?

I would really appreciate some help, I'm puzzled.....
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One half of your incoming service is missing. A wire has become disconnected. Ti could be at the pole, at the meter, or at the panel.

Start with the power company. Call them NOW. This is nothing to mess with or wait on if the wire is loose. If the proiblem is on their end they will fix it free. If the problem is on your end they may fix it anyway, or they will at least tell you it is your problem and you can get an lectrician out to fix it.

Call them ASAP. Do not wait on this.

In the mean time, shut off all of your 240 volt breakers. I am referring to breakers that are double width and power items like electric ranges, electric water heaters, large or central air conditioners, etc.
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I agree. Call your power company now. Not five minutes from now, but now! And do as Bob says and shut off all your double-pole breakers while you are waiting for them to arrive.
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Your decription indicates an open in one of the 2 conductors that supply 220 volts to the panel. You must check for 220 volts across the 2 conductors , probably #2 copper,that either terminate on a "Main" breaker, or on "Main lugs".

Test for 220 volts directly across these conductors. DO NOT test for voltage to the Neutral conductor!!!!

????-- is the Main Service disconnect in this panel??

Good Luck & Enjoy the experience!!!!
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I've called

I've called the elctrical company and they will be here within 30 minutes. You guys must be right, I've never heard of a utility company that comes within 30 minutes.. THANKS!!! I will post the results.
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Thumbs up Resolution of problem

The Hydro company came and said that I have one dead lead into the household. The reason is that they did some underground work and the crew must have nicked the lead. So they are running jumper cables to the next door neighbours house until next week and they can get the crew to re-dig the main and fix the problem at source.

Thanks for the advice and help!!! I certainly appreciate this forum and you guys for posting replies so quickly.

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I had them jumper my house to my neighbor's once for the same reason. Both my neighbor and I got free power for two weeks during the hottest part of the summer. I used my A/C to the max and kept my house cooler than I would have dared to if I had to pay the bill. Nice little bonus for the inconvenience.
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Nice deal.
Although it sounds like the posters serve lateral might be jumped over to the neighbor's before the meter. If it is after the meter, then cool it down like a refrigerator
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They installed the jumpers between the house input and the meter, so both houses have there meters running....

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