Upgrading to 200 amp service

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Upgrading to 200 amp service

Hi all,

I've done a fair share of interior wiring, but now I'm looking at upgrading my service to 200 amps (refinishing basement, adding central air) and have some questions.

My home is a 1950's ranch with 100 amp service and lots of ungrounded wiring. What I would like to do is install a 200 amp breaker box and subpanel the existing 100 amp fuse panel from that, then move a circuit at a time over to the breaker box as I update the wiring.

While doing this I'd like to move the meter box from it's present location on the back porch around the corner to the side of the house, as I have intentions of closing in the porch eventually. The service actually attaches on the side of the house where I'd be putting the new meter box. The old wiring is not in conduit or anything, it's just stapled to the siding.

So, I have quite a few questions and will say "thank you" in advance for your answers, I know it's alot.

1. How far should the weatherhead be from the bolt where the service attaches? Should it be above the roof line?
2. Is 3/0 copper wiring the correct size for 200 amps and this application?
3. What size/materials conduit should I be using for the exterior (I've been told 2" by one person)?
4. What permits/inspections are typical for this type of work?
5. Are there any code problems with the subpanel as I proposed. Any special grounding considerations for the old fuse boxes?

Thanks again for the help.

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1, 2, & 3. These specs are determined by your local utility, call and ask for a spec sheet for 200amp service overhead. However I can tell you what the specs are here to give you an idea.
House-bolt should be 12" above and no more than 12" away(horizontally) from weatherhead. WH doesn't necessarily have to be above the roof-line, they spec the lowest point on the drop(can't remember what it is offhand...seems like it was 12ft. for foot traffic only).
They require 2/0 copper for 200amp service, and here that's ALL THREE conductors.
From the meter to the weatherhead is required 2" IMC or Rigid, meter to service panel can be PVC but still 2".

As far as permitting and code problems with you subbing the existing panel.....I'm not sure. Permitting varies so much its hard to say, and I'm not well versed on code. I just look up what I need when I need it, then shortly after it somehow clears itself from memory

Sorry I couldn't answer everything for SURE.....for YOUR situation.
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Thank you so much for the pointers. I was able to find a pdf of requirements from my electric company's website. (If anyone else out there is on detroit edison it's http://my.dteenergy.com/business/bui...s/overHead.pdf, fyi).

I was also able to track down my city's policies on permits. Turns out as an owner pulling the permit, I have to meet with the city inspector and submit my plans for approval before starting the work. This is actually a welcome turn of events as I can play dumb (not too hard here) and get all my questions answered.

Thanks again for the help!


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