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Question Retrofit project-novice

I just bought an over-the-range microwave and I am trying to install a new circuit that runs from my breaker box in my basement to my kitchen, which is upstairs. This is an unfinished basement. Everything was going ok until I ran into a small problem. I decided to just run the cable through the same hole in which my range connection run through. It is a small hole that runs through the floorboard and through the stud upstairs. The wire moved through effortlessly, but when the wite finally got to the top it was in a loop and the end of the wire is snagged on something behind the drywall. It seems impossible to pull it out. I have tried virtually everything, so my question is what is the best way to get around this? Should I just cut the loop since I have enough wire to wire the receptacle, and then just push all the excess back behind the studs. Is this a code violation. I didn't read anywhere that it was, and is this safe? Or should I make a small hole in the drywall and see if I can try and see where the problem is and try and work it through? If it is safe I would prefer to just leave it alone if I can. I also tried to use that wire pulling lube. That didn't help either. Somebody help me??
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Are you talking about leaving a scrap piece of wire, connected to nothing at either end, inside your wall? Sure, go for it.

Are you sure you know which side of the loop is snagged?
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Yes I am talking about just leaving the extra wire not connected to anything behind the wall. Ok that's cools I will do that, and yes I am pretty certain which one is the correct end, but I will double check and triple check before cutting. Thanks.

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