intermittent power in part of house


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Question intermittent power in part of house

Twice now we've had a power outage in part of our house. Some of the lights & outlets continue to function but most no longer have electrical power. Most of the major appliances work although one AC unit is down. The power flickers on and off, goes off for up to an hour and will come on permanently. We are uncertain if this is a delivery problem from the electrical company or if something is wrong with the wiring in the house.
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Intermintent problems are the hardest to solve. If it's not broke I can't fix it. I would start by having your electric co. come out check their connections, and preform a load test on their side of the line usually done with a device called the beast of burden. this is usually done at no cost to you. If they find that the problem is on their side (ahead of the meter) they will correct it for free. If that doesn't solve the problem I will need more info.
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Call the electric company NOW. As John would say, do not wait five minutes, do it now. They work 24/7.

If the problem is a loose wire then you risk damaging your electric devices, or worse a fire. Even if the problem is no on their end they may fix it if it is simple enough. Or they will at least assure you that it is not their problem.

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