115 volt motor question


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Question 115 volt motor question

I purchased a dayton 3/4 HP single phase motor for my whole house fan. I have installed it and wired it per the instuctions and it works great with one small (but important) problem. The fan is turning the wrong way. The tag on the motor says to reverse the polarity to change the rotation direction but is not specific on how to do so. The retailer will only tell me to hire an electrician. Under the access plate, are the standar connections for the ground, the neutral (white) and the High or Low speed connections. I have reversed these in different fashions w/ no change in direction. There is a black wire and a red wire coming from inside the winding area (behind connector plate. Are thes the wires to reverse? please help.


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Turn the fan blades around

Can you turn the fan blades around? It may be mounted backwards on the motor shaft.
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That's funny, But no the pitch would still be the same, and it would be blowing instead sucking air. Thanks for the reply tho.

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The motor is easily reversed by interchanging two numbered wires inside the wiring cover. Take the motor, or the motor model number to a MOTOR shop, and the pros will be happy to help.
Reversing the fan blade will NOT reverse airflow. It will simply decrease the efficiency of the fan.
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Remote control, the dayton motor should say on the the under side of the wiring cover which leads to interchange to go from ccw to cw and vice versa. You can reverse a DC motor by reversing the two wires but ac isnt quite that simple. I looked at the Dayton motor site (emerson electric) and the wiring cover is where they say this informtion is located. At any rate somewhere on/in information that came with the motor when you purchased it it will say what wires to interchange.....RL
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The pictorial schematic is sometimes in the capacitor cover (if it has one)
behind the access plate where the taps and cord connect, but check the
nameplate rating sticker that is probably on the side of the motor and look
for a picture of the taps and the configuration for cw and ccw. Sometimes
it is more than switching two wires, you may have to connect them to other
spade tap that are currently not being used, Look for an F or R, CW or CCW stamped in the fiberboard holding the taps. Say goodbye, Homer. Goodbye
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You can usually reverse the direction of a single phase motor, but it usually involves more than just reversing two wires. Sometimes a wiring diagram is printed on the reverse side of the cover plate showing a diagram for ccw or cw running.
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Thanks guys, all very good replies. It only required the red and black wires being reversed and now I have a quiet and fast moving tropical breeze in every room LOL.


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