Neutral on ground bus? Why? Permitted?


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Neutral on ground bus? Why? Permitted?


I have had the cover off my electrical panel to install a new circuit and noticed that both the neutral and grounding wires from my furnace is mounted to the ground bus. Is this ever permitted given the following:

Service is 200Amp and was installed in 1991
Ground bus is bonded to the panel chassis
Neutral bus is not bonded to the chassis or ground bus that I can find
The furnace run is 120V 20Amp used to power only the blower, humidifier and air cleaner.

It is the only neutral wire run the ground bus, which caused me to notice it in the first place.

Thank you for your help, it is appreciated,
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Is the neutral bus electrically connected to the ground bus?

At one location, and only one location, the neutral MUST be connected to the ground. This is usually at the main electrical panel.
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Neutral bus is not bonded to the chassis or ground bus that I can find
It's the "that I can find" that is significant. It probably is. Do you see any green screw in the panel? Or maybe some sort of bonding strap? If this is the panel containing your main disconnect, it's almost certainly bonded. If you are still concerned, shut off your main breaker and do a continuity check between the neutral bar and the chassis.

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