Proper wiring for shed


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Proper wiring for shed

I am planning to branch off of an existing outdoor outlet on the side of my house in order to extend the circuit to a small shed (about ten feet from existing outlet), where I want to install a light and outlet. I plan to bury UF cable for the run from the existing outlet to the shed. Was wondering what kind of wire or cable should be used once I reach the shed. For example, should I continue with the UF cable or could I install a junction box where the UF enters the shed, and convert to NM cable? The interior of the shed is unfinishished; i.e., bare studs with no dry wall. The UF or NM cable (whichever I use) would be stapled to the sides of the studs. Would this be OK or would this cable be considered "exposed" and therefore should be in conduit? Any input on the right way to do this project would be appreciated. Thanks.
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You may continue with UF, although if the shed is dry, you'll find NM easier to work with. But the cable in the shed should be protected, and staping NM to the walls isn't enough. There are a number of possible approaches. One would be to use BX inside the shed. You could probably get away with nailing a 1x2 to the walls of the shed and stapling the NM to the underside of it, especially if you run it up high where it's less likely to get damaged.

If the receptacle you're going to tap is already GFCI protected, then the shed will inherit the required GFCI protection.

Check what else is on this circuit before you start. There are many reasons of load or code why this particular circuit might not be the best.

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