GFI problem


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GFI problem

I have a new basement receptical testing it when I connect to a GFI breaker the circuit trips off. If I connect to a regular breaker there is no problem and using a plug in tester every receptical tests okay for switched hot/common/ open ground etc. i'm at a loss as to how to find the problem.

Should I just start unwiring recepticles from the start of the circuit ?

Any other suggestions ?
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The GFCI breaker could be bad, or there is a ground fault problem on the circuit.

If you have another GFCI breaker I would temporarily use that breaker to see if the breaker is the problem.

If you don't have a GFCI breaker then I would investigate the problem.

I see two ways to do this. Temporarily wire in a GFCI recepticle at or before the first recepticle, using the load side to feed the rest of the circuit. If that GFCI trips then it's a good bet you have a ground fault, which you will have to find. This will take time. You will have to add recepticles one at a time until you find the bad one.

If the temporarily added GFCI doesn't trip then you probably don't have a ground fault, so try replacing the breaker, or just use the GFCI recepticle to protect the circuit.

However, before beginning you may be able to speed up the process. Did anything change? Is this circuit brand new, as it has never worked? Did it work for a short while and then stop working? Are you sure that you have the GFCI breaker hooked up properly, with both circuit wires connected to the breaker, and the white wire from the breaker connected to the neutral bus bar? Did the basement flood> Did water get spilled or splashed into a recepticle?
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Gfi Problems

The circuit is new. I am using a GFI receptical as the test unit. I can plug other things into it without a problem.

I do have an anomally I've discovered. I have a ceiling fan wired into this circuit at one of the didn't work and when I took it down and used a test light to check for voltage it only lit up very dimly. I'm going to disconnect it at this recepticle and test again.

I really appreciate the quick advise

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