Help picking out electrical wire?


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Exclamation Help picking out electrical wire?

Hi, I have been looking around for 3 days, with no success, for electrical wire that can carry 200kv. I know this sounds like a VERY large ammount of electricity, and I was wondering if a wire like this even exists. If it does, does this wire come in different gauges? (like a smaller gauge in the area of 12gauge) or is it really thick? Also, if this exists, where can I purchase it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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I'm curious. Why do yo need to carry 200Kv? How many amps you plan to carry?
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Im making a makeshift electric fence to deter animals from completely demolishing my mother's garden. Around here we get everything from squirrels and rabbits to deer (fawns and large bucks too) that come from the woods and fields around our house just to feed on the vegetation my mother plants in the small garden next to our house. As you can imagine this garden is getting VERY costly to manage, what with replacing the plants and all. We have tried everything from chemicals to every type of fence (except electric) but the pests keep getting in. As a last resort I planned to build an electric fence, and I bought a 200kv stun gun and a wire fence, but I forgot one of the most important materials (the electrical wire). I would really appreciate any help locating electrical wire that would conduct that ammount of electricity. And Im not sure what the amperage is on this particular model stungun but Ive heard that all stunguns have surprisingly low amperage. Thanks in advance.
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Return the stun gun and buy an electric fencer.
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HA HA HA HA I just had to laugh, sorry!


Any wire would carry 200,000 v. There is hardly any current with these
devices. It appears that you don't know what you are doing.

Buy a manufactured electric fence. Go to Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, or any
feed store. It comes with instructions and all the parts and protection you
are going to need. I saw them used against deer and it is effective in keeping them away.

You can try deterrents, such as, mountain lion pee, etc. Tell me how you collect that. Probably one unhappy mountain lion. HA HA HA HA
Say goodbye, Homer. Goodbye.
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My uncle has had an electric fence around his garden for decades, and it's no special wire. Be aware that the very base of the fence, where it hits the ground, can't be electrified or it'll short. He has good old fashioned ceramic insulators on the fence posts for the top run of wire and similar runs for the runs that are spaced about a foot apart.

The fence is electrified by a standard transformer. I don't know what voltage it puts out, but it's a pretty common item to find for electric fences. You don't need a stun gun.

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Looks like I should have researched electric fences before embarking on this project But unfortunately I cant return the stungun. Homer, I dont quite catch your meaning... do you mean that any type of electrical wire will carry 200kv? Even 600v wire? Im confused, please elaborate. And thanks rlrct for the tips and insight.
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pretty much, the amount of current that is coming out of your stungun you can use any wire ie 16 gauge.

Sorry I am having a fun moment here visuallising you sitting and waiting in you mums garden for the perfeft oppertunity to show that deer whose boss. HAHAHAHAA .....sorry.

But I agree the electric fences are low in cost and very effective. Perhaps you mum may split the cost with you.... They are fairly easy to install also.

I hope that you don't find out the hard way what it feels like to have a stun gun discharge on you.
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True about the wire but conductors have a voltage limitation for a reason. 600v wire is not meant or supposed to carry such voltages. If it were to carry such voltage it would be a very unsafe installation.
In this case the wire is not carrying any current, yet. The voltage would be present but no current.

The fact that someone is considering an installation like this scares the hell out of me so I will refrain from commenting other than would the OP please post your address so I don't stop to smell your roses and get a surprise.

A stun gun disables a full grown man instantly. What happens if you forget to turn it off for your mom (or anyone else) when she neds to get in the garden to pick beets???
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More on Less


The current flow thru a wire determines the size of the wire. The 600v refers
to the insulation on the wire.

Since the stungun produces very low current a very small wire could be used.

Police stunguns have two very small wires connected to darts. When they
shoot a person, the darts fly out and stick in a persons skin creating a circuit
with two thin conductors (wires) dangling.

The wires in a fence are bare wires (no insulation) and the main consideration
is that the wires can take abuse with out breaking. So a larger wire is used
even tho a smaller sized wire would suffice.

The sparkplug wires on your car are about #16-18 and it carries 50,000 v.
The second anode wire connecting the highvoltage transformer to the picture
tube in your television is about #20 and carries 30-40KV. But the insulation
is rated for that high voltage.

I think I got that right.
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It's the insulation on the wire that has the voltage rating. The size of the wire(guage) is determined by the current flow.

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