Circuits in old Apt building


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Circuits in old Apt building

Hi everyone, just trying to troubleshoot some electrical problems in my apartment.

My roommate and I have recently moved in, and during the course of installing our computers and airconditioner etc we lost power a few times throughout the entire apartment. Nothing that a trip to the circuit breaker couldn't fix. However, we have another roommate coming in a few days and we're worried about the power load.

The question is this: each apartment has its own fuse box with four circuit breakers. However, in all of the cases where we lost power, regardless of what outlet we were using, the same single breaker blew. This leads us to believe that most, if not all, of the outlets are wired to that one circuit.

Is there an easy way to verify this and if all the outlets are in fact on one circuit, is it a hard or expensive job either for us, a professional electrician or the building maintenence guy to switch outlets to another circuit?

Thanks in advance for the advice! -- Zach
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Turn off each of your four breakers one at a time. With each breaker off, test every receptacle (use a lamp or radio or clock) and every light and every appliance in the apartment. That will give you a list of which breaker everything in the apartment is on. Everything should be on exactly one of the four circuits. This will help guide you in splitting up the loads on the circuits. Air conditioners use a lot of power, so I'd minimize what else I run on that circuit--nothing else if possible. Hopefully, air conditioning season will be over soon and your problems will be less.

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