Tom's "Goodbye All" post

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Tom's "Goodbye All" post

Where is Tom's "Goodbye All" post from below? I see it was moved but to where?
When I click on it I get a "You're not allowed to view this" message, and this is using the dreaded IE.
What gives. I agree with him and I feel it was unfair to move/delete it.
There is no "Suggestion" forum or any other place to post a question or opinion about the forum. It seems like there area few hundred forums but none like this. Maybe a mod can suggest something to an admin.
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Quite frankly, it sucks that I can no longer use Netscape. I may go the way of others and no longer post.

Hey moderators, are you listening?
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It doesn't matter if the moderators are listening or not. Moderators have zero power to influence the way this site is run. Send your thoughts to [email protected]
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Lack of support for non-IE browsers

[emailed 12:29 p.m. 08/30/2004]

You are risking losing me, and others, as posters to your forums because you now, for whatever reason, only support IE as a browser. In fact, according to at least one post, you have lost a poster already.

Please put in place browser code that allows for browsers other than IE to be used. Many people, for a variety of reasons, prefer to use an alternate browser.

Thank You,
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I've been using Mozilla Firefox for a while. I like it better than the other browsers for a couple of reasons. I noticed that this site stopped supporting it last week. Seems that the only thing that works is MS Explorer. What a shame. I guess the folks who run the site don't care. If they don't fix it soon I'll go away as well.
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I am reading this with Opera and dont see any problems. Firefox is broke..
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1st. This thread is off topic to the forums and the rules about off topic posts state they are not allowed. In fact the moderator should have deleted the thread and sent a warning to the poster. For this instance I'll allow the thread to remain but it will be closed.

2nd. A "Suggestion" forum. I will bring up your request to the owner but to date he has resited suggestions like this in the past.

3rd. Probelms with the site can aways be sent to me and will be addressed if possible. Same goes for requests.

4nd. About with 99% of the people visiting our site use currently use two Major Browsers - IE and Netscape and maybe 1% total use Firefox and Opera. If those people visiting the forums 99.97 use the two major web browsers. Of those In general terms it not worth the effort of revamping a entire web site which would take hunderds of hours to for 1% of the public.

Also, as far as the forums go this issue has been on going since we upgrade to the current version vBulliten. vBulliten has no current plans to add specific support for either FireFox or Opera to their product. Regardless, doityourself has given the thumbs up to see if we can make the forums work with one of the versions of firefox and opera as long as it does not interfere with project schedule.
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