Easy (I think) questions

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Easy (I think) questions

I'm getting ready to finish the wiring on my new Wisconsin vacation home, and I have a few questions I haven't run across in Chicago.

1. The house has a well, and it's corresponding pressure switch inside. Since the whole wiring is NM-B, and the pressure switch is about 16" away from the wall, and in front of the pressure tank, and also since I think you can't just leave the NM "hanging" in mid air (it has to be protected), what's the accepted way to do it? Right now I have 14-2 NM-B run into about 10' of plastic flexible "conduit" (same type as used to connect AC compressors outside). It's used for protection only. Is that acceptable? I thought about using EMT, but the thing moves slightly when it turns on and off, and it doesn't look too good either.

2. I have SD's placed in every bedroom (3), hallway, basement and garage (attached). Do I have to put one in the LR? I have a fireplace in there, and would prefer not to put one there. Also, do I have to put on at the top of the stairs from the basement to the first level? Also, I have a combination SD/CO detector (wired in with the rest) in the utility/furnace room. Since that room will be closed from the rest of the basement, do I need to put another SD in the other area?



3. I know ther furnace requires a switch if the breaker is not "within sight". The breaker is really 2' away from the furnace, but you can't exactly see it unless you step to left 1'. Do I still need to place another switch ?
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1. NM must be protected from physical damage. This is a very general requirement, and must in many cases be subjectively interpreted on a case-by-case basis.

2. Smoke detector placement is governed by fire code, not by electrical code. As long as you have at least one smoke detector on the same floor, neither the living room nor the top of the stairs requires one. Of course if it makes you feel better, you can put one there. Smoke and CO detector manufacturer instructions normally tell you not to put it within 25 feet of a furnace, so I don't think I'd put one in the furnace room. But you do need one in the basement outside the furnace room, usually placed near the bottom of the stairs.

3. I doubt it.

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